Follow The Sun EP

by AJ Peacox

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Three songs about loss, resilience, and redemption.


released May 4, 2013

AJ Peacox - guitar, vocals
Lara Johnston - vocals
Rob Nagelhout - upright bass
Will Baldocchi - percussion
Nick Bollinger - cello

David Burris - recording engineer
Don C. Tyler - mastering engineer

Steve Sly - art design, editing
Jenn Zhang - jelly bean art

**All songs written and arranged by AJ Peacox except track 3 by AJ Peacox and Lara Johnston.

**Recorded at Manifest Music in Santa Monica. Mastered at Precision Engineering in Los Angeles.



all rights reserved


AJ Peacox San Diego, California

"AJ's music is like cotton candy. It's pink because it's happy and blue because it's sad, but overall it's sweet." - Dani Ashjian, friend and fellow Pop Music Major

"It tickles." - David Burris, friend and recording engineer

"Really reminiscent of those old records on Vagrant." - Don C. Tyler
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Track Name: The Best That I Can
I thought all about you this morning
I put on my favorite jacket and cologne
I combed my hair and trimmed my beard
so I could look my best for you

I showed up on time for all of my classes
I said hello to every stranger that I passed
I didn't smoke at all today
so you wouldn't pick up on my troubled past

I thought of you
and what you do
blue-green eyes
like traffic lights

I smiled driving in LA traffic
I turned the other cheek to a jerk
I practiced what I'd say to you
mumbling like a creep in the coffee line

I tried to focus on my objective
second thoughts and fears all racing now
but I'm humming all the songs you showed me
trying to keep my cool from running out

When I saw you
across the room
just standing there
ribbons in your hair

You were nodding to the music
acting cool like you always do
picking up on my advances
turned around and saw me, too
I was brave and overwhelming
laughing at your every word
I decided just to tell you
even though I knew
even though I knew

I tried to ask you out this evening
it didn't go exactly as I planned
but tomorrow is a new day
I'm gonna try the best that I can
Track Name: Emptiness
I don't know how I got this way
been hollowed out by a busy day
I'm waiting here for the sun to rise
I wrote this song just to pass the time

I'm reading through all your books again
cause I know Hemmingway was a stronger man
still he couldn't seem to find a means
to stay with us and dream our dreams

If there's a point
don't let me know
and I'll stay right here
watching shadows grow
by candle light
I'm tired of this night
just sigh
there'll be no sleep tonight

I'm listening when you call my name
O, Emptiness it's you again
I got through changes you stay the same
Let's have a drink
you're my oldest friend

If there's a chance
don't let me try
and I'll stay right here
watch the candle die
nothing inside
I'm tired of this life
and me
but I'm not giving up

stay away from me
I am down, but I will
rise I up with the day
get back up and I will
say that I'm okay
I am empty
but I'll fill back up again
Track Name: Follow The Sun (feat. Lara Johnston)
Three weeks out on the road
and we've come this far
spent all out wishes
on desert stars
and that rusty truck rolls on
and on, and on

Three weeks of diners
and you're sick of pie
see my reflection
in your sleepy eyes
and those orange clouds stretch on
and on, and on

We don't know where we're gonna go
but we follow the sun
we're just fine
since we lost our minds
every day has been fun
so I'll read the map
you drive the car
two crazy fools on the run
just you and me following the sun

This heat is ruthless
but we'll sweat in style
that hitch-hiker is toothless
but I like his smile
and the way he marches on
and on, and on

I hope you know
though it's tough
though it sucks
though we broke down
hey, hey, hey
that even though I am lost
I'm happy to be lost with you